10 New Year’s Resolutions For Success in 2021

New Year's Resolutions

New year’s resolutions are already a thing ever since you were old enough to make such. You’ll need to make broad but better ones for 2021.

People always say “new year, new me” but does that really happen? Well, it depends on your mindset and motivation. That’s why we’ve gathered 10 New Year’s Resolutions that will surely bring you success in 2021.

It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. All that matters is that you made leaps.

Focus on the positives

good vibes only

In a situation, there are two sides: the positive and the negative. Unlike the north and south pole that has an equator in between, life doesn’t have that.

Adversities are inevitable. But the positive sides are also there. You just need to recognize it. As much as there are feelings of uncertainty, that’s also something you can no longer change.

That said, you must focus on the positives instead. Think of solutions rather than the problems ahead. Better yet, think in advance.

We’ve already gotten away from one of the worst years in human history. Use that as a starting point to move forward.

Grab opportunities

grab opportunities

One of the most important new year’s resolutions you can make is to grab opportunities related to your field.

Think of how you can take advantage of a situation depending on your current profession. Always ask yourself “how can I generate income out of this?”

Not only will it put you on a positive mindset where you think of solving problems for those in need, it helps build that mutualism that will help you succeed and move forward.

Now, if you’re thinking about what direction to take, you have to be smart about it. Not because there’s an opportunity elsewhere, you will start forgetting your expertise. It should always be related to your field.

Many startup companies started with this mindset already. They fill voids where their services are needed. It’s time to make yours come into fruition as well.

There’s no such thing as misery

positive thinking

Misery is for the whiners. If we could get past a pandemic with what means were left, then we can move forward in 2021 where the virus is starting to mellow down.

The hardships you are about to endure if you think of them as mere missions. Think of it as a video game where despite struggling to finish a mission, you aren’t really miserable with it, right?

Most have probable made this one of their new year’s resolutions already after the difficulties of 2020. The important thing is that you survived so how could that be a misery?

Learn to give back more

giving back

Even the most introverted people know that they need other people in order to move forward. That’s why introverts are now defined as people who know how to socialize but prefer to be alone.

What is the point? The point is that people need to use other people. That’s just a fact of life. Its how you treat it that is crucial though.

If you meet or get connected with a person who is willing to do things for you, the least you can do is show some gratitude and give back.

We needed each other’s cooperation to move forward last 2020. Now, we can do the same and be more grateful this 2021.

Stay hungry

stay hungry

Although your new year’s fitness goals might lead you to feel more hungry than usual, it’s a different type of hunger that you need to have.

We’re talking about the hunger to succeed in life. Whether it’s taking small risks or huge leaps in your career, always give yourself a shot before anyone else does.

You’re the boss of your own raise or promotion. It takes guts to do that and staying hungry will just force you to do such.

Think of predators in the jungle that’s always on the hunt when they feel rumbly in their tummy.

Solve problems immediately

stay motivated

One thing that hinders your growth as a person is leaving problems unsolved. It shows lack of maturity and inability to handle tough situations.

It is best to make it one of your new year’s resolutions to learn to solve problems immediately. Don’t let a negative occurrence remain constant as you move forward.

Putting things as unsolved conflicts and backlogs at work on hold just because of pride or laziness will carry over as more burden in 2021.

Make it a point to solve problems immediately. If not, then the next item is for you.

Do not dwell on the problem

focus on the solution

Some people just choose to be stubborn. That said, they will intentionally not solve the problem due to lack of maturity.

In that case, being the bigger person is one of the best new year’s resolutions that you can give yourself. It feels more empowering knowing how you grew as a person.

The same goes with your work. Instead of procrastinating because the task is hard, power through it so the problem will immediately be solved.

You’ll notice how relieved you’ll feel as you carry on to some new tasks.

Pep talk yourself from time to time

motivate yourself

Being your own worst critic is the best step you can take towards self-acceptance. That said, write that up in your list of new year’s resolutions.

Instead of the usual gloat on what you have achieved, be a negative person to yourself and ask yourself what you haven’t achieved.

Leave your achievements for other people to talk about. It’s not for you to shove it down their throats. Make new things for them to talk about instead.

Even the richest men in the world give themselves a pep talk from time to time. That’s the reason they don’t stop working even when they are worth hundreds of billions already.

If increasing or maintaining that Forbes ranking is their goal, you must make your own goals of success as well by asking yourself …

“What’s next?”

Soul search a lot more

soul searching

We didn’t get the chance to travel and find ourselves in 2020. The pandemic caused us a lot of restrictions.

2021 is the time to add soul searching to your new year’s resolutions. Take a little break from your hectic day and give yourself a lowdown on what else do you have to achieve or need to do still. It’s also the chance to reflect on your purpose.

Use those leaves at work to go explore the world out there. You don’t deserve to be stuck in a company who’s just going to replace you if you die working.

This one is for your own inspiration and peace of mind.

Be your own boss

be your own boss

2020 was an eye-opener. A lot of us saw this as an opportunity to start a venture we are passionate about even without the capital.

It feels more fulfilling to break even with minimal daily needs working for yourself rather than a corporate slave that relies too much on retail therapy to unwind.

That said, it’s better to be your own boss either through working remotely or creating the means to do so whether in a small business or passion projects you can offer bigger businesses for a fee.

The e-commerce industry increased its profit by a billionfold despite doing nothing except remaining to be a store. If you can find something of a similar scale that’s related to your field, the better.

Consider being your own boss as one of the ultimate new year’s resolutions.

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